Since our inception, Brinkz, Inc., has been totally focused on building strategic, quality and maintenance programs for both consumers and corporate clients regarding their financial credit worthiness.

Brinkz, Inc., is made up of several divisions such as credit evaluations, education planning and direct action to repair existing credit issues or to obtain initial credit for both consumers and corporate clients. Our services are inexpensive compared to the value of being credit worthy in today's climate.

Our team has over 150 combined years to advise, lead and project your future based upon today's goals and current situations. Some companies have only team members who are "book smart," whereas our team members have "real word," experience with having no credit, bad credit inclusive of Bankruptcy Filings, good credit nearing the 850 score and all sorts of situations you may encounter. Experience is the key to resolving or planning your future.

We look forward to assisting you with these goals and endeavors.


Danny E. Elkins, Jr.


Educated by Real Life Situations. The experience in both personal and business financial episodes are invaluable to clients. We take your goals and turn those into Reality.


William H. Prentice, III


Detailed orientated by keeping up with current technology to enhance our services and your experience dealing with the BrinkZ Family of Companies.